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Who We Are

The Company

Capital Security was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs. Given their background and experience in the security industry they have a clear picture of the ins and outs. The combined know-how enables them to tackle a whole range of security services, from consultancy to implementation. In addition to a complementary effect the cooperation is based on synergy which can be found throughout the organization, especially in the quality of its services. We are proud to say that quality is one of our key features.


These last years we have been facing many rural developments in the security sector. As they continue to evolve with great speed in the future, Capital Security will anticipate accordingly. Besides following a proactive approach we are continuously improving our services and we are also seeking new ways to deliver them to our customers. Our involvement enables us to target our services specifically to the individual needs of every customer. In short, quality and tailor made solutions are our trademarks, now and in the future.

The Mission

Our mission is to meet our customers' security needs by providing integrated solutions and innovating, thoughtfully increasing the customer portfolio and increasing the company's value.

Capital Security puts its customers first because it is the only way to be successful and succeed in the long run. By understanding and meeting the needs of our customers, we unburden the customer in the field of security. Where well-trained people and resources are geared to the security demand. We focus on integrated security solutions, recognizing that we need to provide a range of security products, processes and services that seamlessly merge into one in order to provide integrated security solutions.


We believe our success will be based on the following guiding principles:

› Delivering innovative security services
› Provide excellent customer service
› Have engaged partners who are proud to work for our company
› Constantly improving the way we do things
› Flexibility, integrity and decisiveness in our services
› Innovation of services aligned with the latest development
› Make good commercial decisions

The Vision

The vision of Capital Security comprises several components. The basis is formed by a strong quality awareness and continuous innovation in the field of security. Based on decades of experience in the security sector, our knowledge of the security disciplines covered by this is now very broad. We attach great importance to ensuring that this remains the case, that we remain progressive when it comes to advising and applying the most modern and effective security solutions.


Satisfied customers as a starting point; Now and in the future. These principles are reflected in all facets of our actions. Capital Security takes its responsibility and wants to contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR). This will be an ongoing issue in our business operations. Capital Security BV has as one of the objectives for the future: growth, both qualitatively and quantitatively.